Creating a new project with BLT

Please do not clone BLT or BLT Project as a means of using them. Just follow the directions below.

  1. Create a new project with the commands below. It will create the necessary directories and download all dependencies. Do not run these commands inside of an existing git repository. Replace MY_PROJECT in the commands below with the desired name of your new project directory.

    composer clear-cache
    composer create-project --no-interaction acquia/blt-project my-project
    cd my-project
  2. Install the blt alias and follow on-screen instructions:

    composer run-script blt-alias
    source ~/.bash_profile
  3. Customize blt/project.yml.

    By default, BLT will use the lightning profile, other valid values are standard or minimal.

  4. Now its time to spin up your LAMP stack.

    1. With Drupal VM: If you would like to use Drupal VM for local development, run the following commands:

       blt vm
    2. Without Drupal VM: If you would not like to use Drupal VM, please review Local Development and set up your own LAMP stack. Once your LAMP stack is running, execute the following command to generate default local settings files:

       blt setup:settings

    Modify the generated docroot/sites/default/settings/local.settings.php file by adding your custom MySql credentials.

  5. Execute the following command to complete setup:

    blt setup

    This will generate all required files and install Drupal.

  6. Login to Drupal drush @[project.machine_name].local uli, where [project.machine_name] is the value that you set in project.yml.

  7. See Next steps.