ACSF Setup

To configure a project to run on ACSF, perform the following steps after initially setting up BLT:

  1. Execute blt recipes:acsf:init:all from the project root.
  2. Create a custom profile:
    • If you are using Lightning, create a custom sub-profile as described here.
    • For non-Lightning use cases, a profile can be generated via Drupal Console.
  3. Add acsf as a dependency for your profile.
  4. Modify the profile key under project in blt/blt.yml to use the newly created custom profile. See example below with a profile named mycustomprofile:

      machine_name: blted8
      prefix: BLT
      human_name: 'BLTed 8'
        name: mycustomprofile
  5. Deploy to Cloud using blt artifact:deploy. (Code can also be deployed via a Continuous Integration setup.)

  6. Use ACSF's "update code" feature to push the artifact out to sites.
  7. When creating a new site, select your custom profile as the profile.

To set up a local development environment for your ACSF project, follow the steps in the multisite readme.